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At Grow2FIT, we believe that innovation makes the world a better place. They help us fight insidious diseases, reduce poverty, and improve education access. Moreover, they enable companies to gain a critical competitive advantage, attract talent and be a long-term market leader. Therefore, our mission is to discover the future and bring customers top and innovative solutions.

Modern Development

Nowadays, it is required to change thinking when designing new applications, setting the development cycle, or rapid prototyping in the spirit of rapid development methodologies. The current approach to the operation of IT infrastructure and the dynamic nature of the environment places new demands on the development of software that will be able to fully exploit the potential of Cloud, Multi-Cloud, or Hybrid environments. Orientation towards the micro-service architecture is one of the moments that can help you prepare highly available applications that can withstand a lot of competition.

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Today’s tough competition requires deployment of new functionalities as quickly as possible, fixing the errors as soon as possible and continuously deploying to production without long release windows. The goal of applications deployment is to unify deployment processes into different environments, whether on-prem or cloud. With the right selected CI / CD toolset and correctly defined parameterizable pipelines, we can perform deployment automatically and repeatedly over and over again.

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Modern Infrastructure

Effective IT resource management is still the Achilles heel of many larger organisations. A typical consequence is that operations that take minutes in cloud environments can take days to weeks in these organisations. The solution to this problem is the introduction of the principles of modern infrastructure. Over the last 15 years, there has been a massive expansion of many Internet services running on millions of servers within one organisation. This has led to the creation of techniques and tools that can work on large scales and efficiently, even in small teams.

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Database Solutions

Data is everywhere you look. During the implementation of our projects, we solved static data storage in common database engines for relational and key / value databases. We implemented, among other things, designs of HW infrastructure for performance optimization and designs and implementations of ODS systems. In recent years, we have been increasingly moving from large monolithic database solutions to solutions tailored to the micro-service application architecture to improve the sustainability and deployment of database-integrated applications and database distributability.

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Without automated tests, it is impossible to implement CI / CD principles and thus achieve shorter time-to-market and lower error rates.
We have experience with the design, implementation, and maintenance of frameworks for automated testing, including the automation of individual test scenarios. In addition to automated solutions, we also have experience with the design of testing strategies, scenarios, and the actual implementation of manual testing.
We can also set up testing processes and management using proven tools (Atlassian Jira) or outsource parts of the testing process (UAT tests).

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Agile Processes

Achieve greater engagement of your teams and shorter time-to-market thanks to agile processes and teams with End2End responsibility.
We prefer the division of teams according to functional areas (loans disbursement, risk, contracts …), with great responsibility and independence of teams. Each team is responsible for its requirements, from defining the requirement with the business owner through design, implementation, and testing (ideally automated) to deployment in the production environment.

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Jira and other Atlassian tools

Atlassian tools are a proven, popular and effective means of managing your teams’ work, ticket management, or creating and maintaining intranets.
Jira Work Management and Jira Software tools enable (not only) SW teams’ simple and efficient work management. The tools support agile as well as waterfall project methodologies.
With the help of the Jira Service Management tool, you will introduce ticket management to the company to manage various agendas.

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