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Agile Processes

Achieve greater engagement of your teams and shorter time-to-market thanks to agile processes and teams with End2End responsibility.
We prefer the division of teams according to functional areas (loans disbursement, risk, contracts …), with great responsibility and independence of teams. Each team is responsible for its requirements, from defining the requirement with the business owner through design, implementation, and testing (ideally automated) to deployment in the production environment.

Implemented functionalities must support backward compatibility of the interface (API) and enable feature-toggling (enabling/disabling of functionalities) so that the final business process in a production environment can be enabled after the deployment of the functionalities of all teams.

We also recommend the introduction of frequent releases into production (at least once a month) with fixed, unchangeable dates of transitions through individual environments. If necessary, we recommend changing the scope of delivery and not the release dates.

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