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Modern, Automated, and Efficient IT

The long-term goal of Grow2FIT is to inspire our customers to innovate and increase their competitive advantage thanks to modern, automated, and efficient IT. We want to adapt to your needs and therefore we offer various services (forms of delivery). Hence we can consistently find the service, which is the most suitable for you at a given time and will meet effectively your needs.

Custom Development

Development of applications and systems according to your requirements with a predetermined price and schedule. We develop applications and systems in the most modern technologies, respecting the technologies you already use. The advantage of this service is a fixed price, i. you do not incur additional costs if you incorrectly estimate the cost of implementation. A prerequisite for the implementation of custom development is a quality assignment and project management by the Grow2FIT project manager.

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Support & Maintenance

After launching the information system in the production environment, it is necessary to ensure high-quality and reliable support and maintenance of the solution. At Grow2FIT, we provide all three levels of support (1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line) for information systems supplied by Grow2FIT and other suppliers (Support & Maintenance Take-Over).
We have experience with infrastructure support (HW, Networking, Application infrastructure) and with application support.

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Consultations in the field of design, architecture, and implementation of modern IT infrastructure, application infrastructure, and the applications themselves for your employees and clients. The service is suitable for you if you have the ambition to implement your IT projects yourself, but you do not have the necessary expert know-how. The provided consultations aim to design the most suitable solution for you so that you can subsequently develop and manage it yourself.

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We offer you a comprehensive Agile Teams service designed to support and enhance your IT projects. Whether you need an entire team or individual specialists, we have you covered. Our service brings together a diverse range of professionals, including Architects, Analysts, Developers, DevOps specialists, Product Owners/Managers, and Scrum Masters, all dedicated to accelerating your product development and providing indispensable value.

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Training Courses

We provide technology, business, and management training courses in person and online. All training courses are carried out by experts with many years of experience in the given areas. We emphasize the possibility of testing new knowledge directly during the training (hands-on experience).

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Software Distribution

We are a distributor of third-party software. We purposefully and systematically look for innovative products and applications that will increase your competitive advantage. The applications we supply will help you increase sales, reduce costs or mitigate risks. We choose applications and products for our portfolio, which are reliable and stable. Especially, when solving the biggest challenges of today, such as automation, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality.

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