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Ceph Fundamentals Training Course

Ceph is an open-source software-defined storage platform. It provides a flexible foundation for all data storage, uniting object, block and file types in a single unified RADOS cluster. For enterprises with multiple storage type requirements, Ceph provides a simplified, flexible solution.

We offer you a unique Ceph Fundamentals Training Course with hands-on experience for the attendees:

  • Limited amount of attendees (we prefer max. 6 people).
  • Ceph training environment for each attendee.
  • Attendees will practise their theoretical knowledge during the training course.
  • Attendees will practise troubleshooting in their training Ceph environments.
  • Each attendee finishes the course with an online exam with a certificate if the test is passed.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand
    • the architecture of Ceph clusters on both network and storage levels.
    • concepts like Placement Group, RADOS object, Crush Map, Crush rules and their relations.
    • how the communication between clients and cluster works.
    • basic principles of deployment and usage of all 3 storage types (Block, File, Object)
  • Install and maintain Ceph cluster using build-in Cephadm installer.
  • Create and configure pools.
  • Troubleshoot nodes, discs, daemons, placement groups etc.

Training Course Agenda

Agenda 1st day

  • Introduction – What is Ceph
  • History
  • Brief overview
  • Features
  • Commodity HW
  • Resiliency and scalability
  • Ceph Architecture
    • RADOS
      • librados
      • RBD
  • RGW
  • CephFS
  • A deeper look at Internals
    • RADOS objects
  • OSDs
  • MONs
  • MGRs
  • Pools
  • Placement Groups
  • Deployment hands-on
  • Cephadm
  • Intro to virtual environments
  • Ceph installation hands-on

Agenda 2nd day

  • Pools
  • RBD
    • Snapshots/Clones
    • RBD data layout
    • RBD-mirror
    • Other RBD features
  • RBD Hands-on
  • CephFS Theory
    • Namespaces and MDS partitioning
    • Snapshots
    • Recursive accounting
    • Other features
    • Access types
  • CephFS Hands-on
  • RGW
    • What is object storage
    • Zones, Zone groups, DR
    • Periods and Epochs
    • Users/Keys
    • Quotas
  • RGW Hands-on

Recapitulation and Final Exam

  • Each course attendee gets access to online recapitulation and final exam and will remain him after the course for 2 weeks.
  • There is a time limit on the final exam.
  • Before the final exam, you can practice and study the course.

Your Lector

Kamil Madáč
Grow2FIT Modern Infrastructure Consultant

Kamil is a Senior Cloud / Infrastructure consultant with 20+ years of experience and strong know-how in designing, implementing, and administering private cloud solutions (primarily built on OpenSource solutions such as OpenStack). He has many years of experience with application development in Python and currently also with development in Go. Kamil has substantial know-how in SDS (Software-defined storage), SDN (Software-defined networking), Data storage (Ceph, NetApp), administration of Linux servers and operation of deployed solutions. Kamil is a regular contributor to OpenSource projects (OpenStack, Kuryr, Requests Lib – Python).


If you are interested in the Ceph Fundamentals Training Course, please contact us.