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Modern Development

Nowadays it is required for a change in thinking when designing new applications, setting the development cycle, or rapid prototyping in the spirit of rapid development methodologies. The current approach to the operation of IT infrastructure and the dynamic nature of the environment places new demands on the development of software, that will be able to fully exploit the potential of Cloud, Multi-Cloud, or Hybrid environments.
Orientation towards the micro-service architecture is one of the moments that can help you with the preparation of highly available applications that can withstand a lot of competition. The choice of the right architecture has to be supported by choosing a suitable programming language, which can help you more easily implement modern technologies and streamline the operation of the application itself concerning optimizing the consumption of HW resources.
All the above-mentioned approaches to modern development must be supported by the correct methodology of project management, release cycle management, selection of accompanying technologies for CI / CD, monitoring, logging.
In our projects, we often apply the Low-Code-Development approach to achieve absolute efficiency in the development of new application solutions.

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