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Meet Our New Colleague: Welcoming Pali Jasem to Our Team

We are happy to introduce you to our new colleague, Pali Jasem, an experienced professional with over 20 years in IT and consulting. Pali’s experience spans a wide range of areas, including data processing, artificial intelligence, business analytics, knowledge discovery, UX/CX, solution architecture, and IT product management.

Before joining Grow2FIT, he held the position of CTO at GymBeam, where he helped grow the company and build the IT team. Previously he worked for companies such as Pelican Travel, Solar Turbines San Diego, Seznam Prague, and other tech start-ups and corporations.

He is currently working as a business architect on a web applications development project for our client Solargis, where he applies his experience in business analysis and architecture. We are happy that Pali will expand our expert team and wish him many personal and professional successes.