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Reference: Raiffeisen Bank International – Designing a Digital Bank’s Data Architecture

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), a prominent banking group, was on the journey of launching its new digital banking platform. With the rapid digitization of banking services and the increasing demand for seamless online customer experiences, RBI recognized the imperative need for a robust and adaptable data architecture. While the bank had in-house teams proficient in traditional banking systems, they sought external expertise to harness the full potential of contemporary cloud technologies.

The Problem

RBI’s vision of its digital bank was modern, agile, and future-ready. The challenge was twofold:

  • Designing a data architecture that would be scalable, efficient, and capable of handling the vast influx of digital transactions.
  • Ensuring that the architecture, while modern, would remain compliant with internal and external regulations and seamlessly integrate with RBI’s existing systems.

Our Solution

Our specialized team of Data Consultants delved into the project with a two-pronged approach:

  • Serverless and Cloud-Agnostic Architecture: Our design principles prioritized a serverless framework on AWS. This not only ensured automatic scalability without the overhead of managing servers but also brought down operational costs. Moreover, by designing the architecture to be cloud-agnostic, we ensured that RBI would not be tethered to a single cloud provider, granting them flexibility and resilience in their digital endeavours.
  • Integration and Compliance: Acknowledging the paramount importance of security and regulation in the banking sector, our solution was meticulously tailored. We:
    • Conducted a comprehensive Requirements Analysis to ascertain the bank’s needs and align our design accordingly.
    • Crafted the Data Architecture and Data Processing blueprint utilizing a suite of cloud-agnostic services, ensuring optimal data flow, storage, and retrieval mechanisms.
    • Ensured Internal Regulation Compliance by integrating the architecture with RBI’s internal environment, embedding requisite security measures, and devising a robust security concept.


With our intervention, Raiffeisen Bank International now boasts a state-of-the-art digital banking data architecture that stands as a beacon of efficiency, resilience, and adaptability. The bank is poised to deliver unmatched digital banking experiences to its customers while staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.

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