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Today’s accelerated world requires us to succeed in the tough competition as quickly as possible to deploy the new functionality of our services, fix the errors that have occurred as soon as possible, and continuously deploy to production without long release windows. The goal of deploying today’s applications is to unify deployment processes into different environments, whether on-prem or cloud. With the right selected CI / CD toolset and correctly defined parameterizable pipelines, we can perform deployment automatically and repeatedly over and over again.
In the context of running applications, we must not forget about a quality monitoring application. If we achieve high-quality monitoring of the application, we can monitor all aspects of the operation of the application online, whether monitoring resource consumption, application tracing, or monitoring business metrics. The team can predict application crashes, respond immediately to application anomalies, and keep the application running and available.
We have many years of experience in the context of DevOps. We have implemented complete transformation projects at the level of the entire IT. Implementing DevOps principles in the company is not an easy task, as it affects a large part of the company’s IT and often outside the IT department. We will be happy to help you to implement the DevOps principles as well.