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Added value sourcing

The main factor that currently determines the success and failure of companies, programs, or projects is the quality of human resources. Human talent has thus become the most scarce resource nowadays – even more challenging to obtain than capital. Today, the competition in the labor market is at least as strong as in contracts and business opportunities.

How to search for a human talent

For this reason, companies that want to succeed in this strong competition must use all available forms to search for (and of course retain) human talent:

  • Internal recruitment (through own recruitment department)
  • External recruitment (search for employees through specialized companies)
  • Use of the sourcing service (leasing of human resources) – temporary allocation of employees of specialized external companies for their projects. The most common reasons for using a sourcing service are the following:
    • Short-term/temporary need for human resources – in case of a sudden large number of projects or the need to complete the project by the set deadline – in this case it does not make sense to employ new employees as it will be a problem to utilize them later.
    • Lack of specific know-how when it is more effective to involve a ready-made expert or senior in a given area, whether for full or partial capacity according to the needs of the project/customer.
    • Or the company simply cannot find suitable people for internal employment.

Grow2FIT offers you 2 of the above services – sourcing or external recruitment.

Added value of Grow2FIT

Why should you choose these services from our company Grow2FIT?

We believe that thanks to the following, we offer our customers unique services that meet their needs:

  • Maximum adaptation to the client’s needs – we offer various forms of our services
    • Long-term and short-term sourcing.
    • Finding employees for your internal employment = external recruitment.
    • We provide our specialists for a full or partial allocation, which you will use if you have minor, specific problems (in this case we are talking about the Consulting service).
  • We offer only verified specialists
    • We have implemented a sophisticated multi-round recruitment system.
    • We involve specialists in sourcing projects as well as our custom development projects to gain the widest possible experience.
  • International talents
    • We are looking for quality human resources not only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic but in the whole of Europe (what makes a perfect sense hence more and more projects are remote).
    • We place great emphasis on English and a willingness to travel as much as the current pandemic situation allows (eg always for planning of a new sprint).
  • We help build the careers of our employees and co-workers
    • We pay special attention to the proper career growth of our employees and co-workers and we always try to find them the most suitable project concerning their personal and professional level of development.
  • We have a wide scope – we primarily focus on the following areas (but we can also help you with other technologies).
    • Modern development (cloud-based applications, containerization, microservice architecture …) – Java stack, JavaScript frontend frameworks, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, SQL, and NoSQL DB including SDS – Ceph
    • DevOps – CI/CD – development, testing, and deployment automation
    • Modern infrastructure – automated infrastructure management, design of cost-effective infrastructure with commodity HW (Design to cost)
    • DB solutions – BigData, SDS – Ceph, PLSQL development
    • Testing – solutions for automated tests, manual tests
    • Agile processes – coaching, consulting
    • Jira and other Atlassian tools – migration to Jira cloud, customization, and integration of Atlassian tools into your organization