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A modern approach to the integration platform

Rapid development of new technologies such as containers (Kubernetes etc.) and cloud technologies (Azure, AWS, Google etc.) opens a new type of problems and challenges. The world is ruthless in this regard and keeping up with modern trends and technologies is not quite easy.

Converting all existing workloads into modern ubiquitous containers so that we achieve the ideal state of a one-color technology stack that is easy to maintain is in many cases unrealistic and inefficient. Both in terms of technology and in terms of costs. This ideal situation is very difficult to achieve, especially in large companies (banks, insurance companies, etc.).

A new type of problem that we must face is, how to integrate all workloads hosted on virtual machines, containers or operated on WebSphere, WebLogic, etc., simply and with the least effort. How to achieve the possibility of monitoring individual operational services in such a heterogeneous environment? How to manage access and administration to individual services?

The answer is simple – Service Mesh. Today’s technologies based on Service Mesh allow you to:

  • to address most of these challenges and the problems associated with operation of services in large environments
  • have a sufficient overview of the services
  • simplify the operation of distributed applications with all the pitfalls associated with them, especially in the context of security
  • achieve clearly managed distribution of application configurations, advanced control and management of access data
  • simpler implementation of various deployment strategies such as Canary-Deployment, Blue-Green-Deployment, and others.

As you can already guess, all these advantages ultimately go hand in hand with accelerating of release cycles and releasing of new applications and functionalities to the customer.

Yes, the modern approach to Service Mesh can replace existing integration platforms with added value. Of course, it is necessary to consider the needs of the company to identify which Service Mesh technology is good to adopt in each individual case.

Most often in this context, we hear, “We’re not ready for this technology.” These worries are unnecessary, and this is the magic of a properly chosen Service Mesh, which will allow you to integrate legacy technology in a way that does not mean for you to make major changes in existing applications. Gradually, you can migrate all applications to containers or leave them in their original form.

If you are interested in the specific benefits that Service Mesh could bring you in your environment, contact us and we will schedule a free consultation with you.