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What was the first year of Grow2FIT?

Starting a new company during a global pandemic and a newly announced lock-down may not seem like the best idea. Inability to physically meet potential business partners or online recruitment was a severe complication. Quality and fair relationships from the past and well-established products and services proved that they are essential. In addition, great determination and drive playfully overcame these complications.

Over the past 12 months, it has also been shown that the ideas on which we are built Grow2FIT have found a response in the market:

  • We search for and bring innovative topics and solutions.
  • We adapt intensively to the needs and possibilities of clients (in terms of scope and deadlines of solutions or flexible allocations).
  • We place great emphasis on finding interesting and demanding projects for our coworkers. Thus the know-how of the whole company grew.

In 2021, we managed to build a team of 30 IT specialists from scratch. And what did we do? For example, these interesting projects:

  • We are excited to work for the Slovak company Solargis which provides worldwide successful products. Our team of 6 analysts and developers together with an internal team of Solargis develops solutions that provide meteorological data to operators of photovoltaic power plants.
  • We have established cooperation with Greyson Consulting – one of the top consulting companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide Greyson consulting services in the field of Banking and Big Data in the design and implementation of digital banking for a large Austrian banking group. We also help to merge 2 Czech banks.
  • Consulting services and deliveries in the field of DevOps and modern infrastructure (Kubernetes, Ceph, MaaS) for Slovak company InterWay.
  • Last year, we provided several teams or individual IT specialists to successful IT suppliers such as Unicorn Systems, ADASTRA, CGI.
  • At the end of the year, we made an agreement and from the new year, there will be our 7-member team working on the design and implementation of the EU Sovereign Cloud. When done, this will provide the EU companies doing business in sensitive areas (Public, Healthcare …) the opportunity to operate their services in the EU cloud and get rid of addiction on predominantly US cloud operators.

Our vision is to build an international team of IT specialists and thus mitigate the risk of a lack of specialists in the Slovak labor market. We have devoted so much energy in the past year in order to set up recruitment in the Balkan countries (Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia) and today we have the first colleagues from these countries in the team.

An important milestone of the company was the arrival of Peter Brtáň in the summer as the second Co-Founder. He helped to intensify our business and delivery activities in the second half of the year and prepare for our goals in 2022 – further growth in the domestic Czech-Slovak market and expansion abroad.

We thank all business partners and co-workers for their trust, great cooperation, and fair relations – it was a great year, and we wish you health and taste to embark on new adventures in the new year.