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Reference: Atlas Group – Monitoring, Support, and Infrastructure Development

Atlas Group is a technology-driven organization that relies on Kubernetes for its infrastructure. They sought assistance in monitoring, support, and problem-solving in their Kubernetes environment. Additionally, they required help in setting up a distributed block-based storage solution based on LINSTOR to provide persistent volumes for their pods or NFS storage.


Grow2FIT, a service provider specializing in Kubernetes and infrastructure management, partnered with Atlas Group to address their needs. The following services were provided:

  • Monitoring and Support
    • Implemented a monitoring system to identify issues or anomalies in the Kubernetes environment proactively.
    • Established a support mechanism to address and resolve problems encountered by the Grow2FIT team promptly.
    • Responded to requests for assistance regarding Kubernetes and other related technologies.
  • Problem Solving and Consultation
    • Provided consultation services to Atlas Group, offering expertise and guidance in problem-solving and troubleshooting within the Kubernetes ecosystem.
  • Infrastructure Development
    • Upgrading Kubernetes to newer versions, ensuring smooth transitions and minimizing disruptions.
    • Engaged in ongoing maintenance and problem resolution related to Kubernetes and other infrastructure components.
  • Distributed Block-based Storage (LINSTOR)
    • Assisted Atlas Group in setting up a distributed block-based storage solution based on LINSTOR.
    • Configured LINSTOR to provide persistent volumes for their pods, enabling data persistence and reliability.
    • Integrated NFS storage into the infrastructure, leveraging LINSTOR’s capabilities to enhance storage capabilities.


  • Swift identification and resolution of issues through proactive monitoring and responsive support.
  • Successful implementation of LINSTOR, providing reliable and persistent volumes for their pods.
  • A collaborative partnership between Atlas Group and Grow2FIT ensured ongoing support and consultation, enabling their infrastructure’s seamless development and enhancement.

Provided services

Key Technologies

  • Kubernetes

Contact Person

Tomáš Řehák, Head of Engineering

Team of professionals

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